I finally got the rest of the Shenzhen pictures online!! Wohoo! Here they are: http://imgur.com/a/AIHDv

So much has happened again that I’m struggling to recall all the events in a chronological order here in written form. I am in Xiangyang now, where my other friend’s family lives (the brain experiment-friend). On the train ride here I sat in the regular carriage with among other things people lying on the floor sleeping on space blankets. When I bought some oranges in Mandarin from the saleswoman stepping over these human barriers with skill, all the heads turned and someone said “hey, the American can speak pútónghuà” and I replied “Actually, I’m from Finland.” Their jaws dropped, and I spent the next two hours from Wuhan to Xiangyang telling a train-carriageful of people about Finland! 😀 it was amazing! Last week the guys from Guangzhou came down to Shenzhen, so I saved the train ticket (and I also lost track of time again while exploring the Shenzhen electronics market, so I would’ve spent most of the time on the train anyway). We had a lovely time, and another day I went over to my friend and her boyfriend’s place for dinner. The Shenzhen electronics market is famous in China, and boasts itself to be the best one in the world. When I visited the market, my doubts were pretty much removed about the plausibility of this claim. There were several floors according to what you might need: reserve computer parts downstairs, all the way to personal drones on the highest floor. I lost track of time in this complex and was so mesmerized that I now have a drone of my own! ❤ Who cares about jewelry or bags when you can have a drone?! ❤ and I got to ride all the Shenzhen metro lines as well! Amazing!! ❤ I also have to apologise for the silent treatment. I haven’t had access to a proper WiFi connection for days. I’m still alive and kicking. 😀 Also, I’m having trouble uploading pictures. I think I’ll do a separate picture post when the problem is solved, or edit this one later.

Things learned in the past few days:

  1. Chinese people apparently don’t care what their shirts say in English. Thus far I’ve spotted “FEAR”, “CASH”, “EXCUSE” and “DREAM POLLUTION”.
  2. Chinese people are not easily surprised. When we started driving with my friend, we forgot the turquoise (yes, they are boiled in tea) eggs her mother had prepared for us. Pas de problémes: we put the warning lights on in the middle of a highway crossing, and soon the family car drove up to ours, her mother inside with the forgotten eggs. None of the other drivers passing by scoffed at us at any point.
  3. In Chinese trains, prior to arriving at any given station, the conductor tells the passengers about the fantastic features of this particular city in English. (Apparently they want to attract foreigners to stay.)

In the last post, I forgot to include some pictures of the temple I visited in Zhiwuyuan, associated with the botanical garden. Here you are:


This is what happened when I tried to translate my friend’s name. 😀


The white dove is a spirit. Underneath, people were leaving fruits and food as offerings for their ancestors on small altars.


There were many people at the temple, coming to pay their respects to their ancestors. At the gate, everyone got three incense sticks, which were lighted here. Then we were supposed to proceed to the altar with our offerings.


Like this. No other Western people here. An old man told me that the locals come here usually about once a week to pay their respects to their ancestors.

One day, we decided to have dinner at my friend and her boyfriend’s place. It was very cosy. Here’s one picture of us I managed to upload.


Here we are in Mu Mian Wan, where my friend lives.

On my last day in Shenzhen, we had a New Year celebration dinner with KTV. There were 16 people attending the event hosted by my friend’s company. I would like to include the pictures I took here, but WordPress isn’t being co-operative at the moment. Let’s just say that you haven’t experienced real KTV until you’ve been to a skyscraper with several floors of private karaoke booths and “room service maids” bringing a heart-shaped cake, two big boxes of beer, two big fruit plates, and three kinds of board games alongside the karaoke-singing itself. Also, the surroundings are from another world, with labyrinth-like corridors lined with neon-lighted wine bottles, covering several floors.