Finally my brain is starting to feel all right with balancing between two totally different linguistic systems. Risk of dementia lowered, wohoo! 😀 There is a very handy pinyin-to-hanzi translator which you can use, if you don’t want to draw all the characters by hand. I often seem to draw one dot in the wrong direction, which makes the programme think I’m trying to write, for example, “give you short life” instead of “give you a phone call”. I also have presented my friends as of the wrong gender many times. I’m grateful that my friends have a good sense of humour. The plugin can be installed separately to the keyboard. Anyway, the main focus of this post is to let out some excess positive steam. I’m going to see my Finnish friend!!! Aaaarrggghh!!! We’ll be staring at each other’s lovely mugs 24/7 for two weeks!!! This is a real sacrifice, people. Especially in this country, where your survival relies on another person if you don’t speak the language or know anything or anyone. She’s really brave. Both she and I value our non-facetime, she even more than I do. Two weeks in continuous close vicinity to another person, let alone an excessively lively one, is a lot of time. In all probability we’ll wobble around the arrivals hall in rapture, rubbing each other’s backs and grunting like two gorillas and topple over some luggage causing a domino effect. Then, we’ll probably be scolded by over-eager Chinese border control professionals, because we’re adverse to the stability of the social order in PR China. “Silly lao-wais”, I can hear their collective thought-bubbles sighing. That’s it, I’m done now. 😀